Baby, It's Cold Outside

Winter weather has officially arrived, and it's getting colder and colder out there every day. It's the time of year when most people would rather be at home wrapped in a blanket than out and about in the cold. But Christmas is just around the corner, and there's no doubt you'll be dressing up and going out for all the festivities. We want to remind you that there are ways to stay warm while still looking your best!

It can be difficult accessorizing cold-weather dresses and coats, but there are so many ways to stay comfortable and stylish without freezing! Any touch of fur is perfect this time of year for adding flair to your outfit while also adding warmth. If your coat isn't already lined with fur, a fur scarf around your neck will go perfectly with a long, classic pea coat. Put on some warm, fleece lined leather gloves with unique details, such as the Gucci bow-embellished gloves pictured below. A warm knit hat with a large pom pom on top is trending big this year, but if you're worried about hat hair, big fur ear muffs will keep you warm and stylish outdoors. If snow isn't on the ground, add a pop of color with sensible velvet heels. As for jewelry, a statement necklace is a must during the holiday season. This will complete your look, especially when wearing a dress with a high neckline. Last but not least, no one wants to be lugging around a huge bag in the cold, so a simple, over-sized clutch is the perfect accessory to carry your personal belongings when going out at night.